Radiation Monitors

Contamination Monitors

Organically quenched Geiger with 100% counting efficiency

  • Sensitive to Alpha and Gamma and highly sensitive to Beta particles.
  • 2” End window Geiger optic
  • Ratemeter and Scaler functions for accuracy and versatility
  • Easy access for tube replacement
  • Up to 250 hours continuous operation

OPTION : Ultra Thin Window – DN213. 1.5mg/cm2 for extra sensitivity

The GEM100 is a handheld, battery-operated radioactivity measuring instrument consisting of a detector probe connected by coiled lead to an electronic un it. The detector is an end-window Geiger-Muller tube fitted with a protective grille. This can easily be removed to
allow closer access to the window hence increased sensitivity.

The instrument has two basic modes:
Ratemeter, which displays measured activity in counts per second (cps) and Scaler to display measured in a fixed or user determined time period.


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