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Gamma Analysis Software

Fitz Peaks Both the FitzPeaks HRGS (Germanium) and Low Resolution (NaI/CsI ) Analysis Software programs work with most of the commercially available systems to IAEA specifications and standards.

Demo versions & updates available on request.


FitzPeaks Gamma Analysis Software is a combined research and general purpose gamma spectroscopy analysis program capable of operating on spectral data from a variety of
different manufacturer's systems. It is designed to run under Microsoft® Windows™ version 3. It will also run under Microsoft Windows 95, 98 or NT.

The main algorithms used for finding and fitting peaks, and performing the quantitative analysis are based on methods presented in a paper describing the program SAMPO80
produced by M.J. Koskelo, P.A. Aarnio and J.T. Routti of the Helsinki University of technology, Finland.

The peak search algorithm is based on finding minima in the smoothed second difference of the spectral data. The peak fitting is performed using a linear least squares routine,
fitting the data to a Gaussian function with an exponential tail on either the low energy, or both sides of a peak. The nuclide identification and activity calculation is done by
forming an interference matrix and solving interfering sets using a weighted least squares method.

These algorithms have been enhanced and refined taking advantage of the capabilities of a modern day personal computer.

Some of the enhancements, which are selectable as options are as follows:-

  • Additional library driven peak search.

  • Iterative peak fitting for peak position, width, and
    low energy tailing.

  • Automatic insertion of new peaks found from the
    residual data, after having initially fitted the peak.

  • Subtraction of environmental background peak areas.

  • Calculation of limit of detection values from a choice
    of calculation methods.

  • Selection of radionuclide libraries, that can easily be
    modified using the library editing facility built into
    the software.


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