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Portable combined multi-purpose instrument, which can be equipped with different external detection units for various applications as applicable.
Depending on the set of detection units the radiation monitor is suitable for measurement of:
  • X-ray, gamma and neutron radiation ambient dose equivalent and ambient dose equivalent rate
  • Air kerma and air kerma rate of X-ray and gamma radiation
  • Directional dose equivalent and directional dose equivalent rate of continuous X-ray and gamma radiation
  • Flux density of alpha and beta particles from contaminated surfaces
  • Flux density and fluence of neutrons with known energy distribution
  • Surface activity and disintegrations of 239Pu and 90Sr + 90Y
  • On-line search for sources of ionizing radiation and radioactive materials
Operator can use either processing unit (PU/PU2/РU4) or desktop PC for operation and indication.
PU and PU2 offer the following functionality:
– Indication of dose, dose rate and count rate measurement results with statistical error value
– Manual recording, storage and transferring measurement results to a PC
– Setting threshold alarm levels
PU4 is a hand-held PC (HPC) with integrated detection module, which offers the following functionality:
– Processing and display of measurement data
– Collection of data from detection unit via Bluetooth (adapter) or cable
– GPS-referencing of measurement results
– Automatic recording and storage of large-scale measurement results
– Data import to a PC for further processing
– Automatic data transfer to a remote server (If 3G option in PU4 is available)